Friday, November 20, 2009

Grade Reports

Well this school year has been off to a rocky start. My nephew was struggling so much to get decent grades but he managed to get a decent grade card. He was missing some assignments in 1 class in which he ended up with a D but he got Bs in all of his other classes. Considering he failed last year its a huge step in the right direction and I couldn't be any prouder of him.

My son has also done great this time. He got all As and 2 Bs this quarter. Not to bad but school seems to come easy to him. Now if we can just get his behavior to match up with his academics...but then again I'd probably have a stroke if that happened.

As a reward we took the boys out to Andy's. I was hoping for Lonestar but we told them they could pick. They were so proud of themselves and it makes me so happy to see them succeeding. I'm still deciding on an end of the year reward for them. Of course it will involve good grades all year long but I'm not sure what to do for them. Any suggestions are welcome.